Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Blog is on the Brink of Death Thanks to the University and Hey Guys I am now on Twitter

Apparently college is hard. So I have had little time to work on game projects and even less time to write anything on this blog.

But here I am.

Here's a quick update kids. This blog will probably not see any activity for the foreseeable future. I would like to spend time writing about games, but at the current moment I need to focus on other things. I also have plans to eventually migrate to my own site where I have a better setup for displaying my ludography. So someday in a bad future this blog might actually be dead, lost forever to the ether that swallows up the deleted files of a server. However, I hope to make sure that day is, erm, postponed a bit.

Also, follow me on Twitter slaves. This statement assumes that people actually read this thing, but hey, I might catch someone through this appeal. I say some cool and some stupid things on there regularly and it's a good way to get a more immediate glimpse of the game development I am engaging in.

That is right here: https://twitter.com/JMRante