Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Pac-Man is Finished in a Very Particular Sense

To prove this rather bold assertion, I have posted an image of the title screen. Now no more doubts can be held in the minds of the skeptical.

So what is it that I mean to say by "finished in a very particular sense"? Well, everything is done EXCEPT the soundtrack, which the musician I am working with is still in the process of developing. But besides that one missing element, the rest of the project rests in a state of unchanging completion. Overall, there had to some major cuts to the content, but with 73 unique stages in the final product I am quite happy with the final result. I think it is a good game, but I will still have to release it into the wild and receive the criticism of anonymous forces in order to have that feeling confirmed as some sort of reality.

This is the third video game I have finished development on, and it is the first one that was highly ambitious. The project took around four and a half months to complete. Along the way I have learned a great deal of lessons in development, and from here onward I now have a really solid foundation of understanding to work with.

Once the game is released (the date of which is to be determined, since it is difficult to gauge how long the soundtrack is going to take to complete) I will write a post-mortem that goes into the details of what I have learned and what I tried to do with this game.

Hopefully, though no promises can be made, this is the first and the last game I will make that utilizes an intellectual property that is not my own.

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