Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Sloppy Overview for the Nature of the Solution to the Ludo-Narrative Problem that I Came Up With in the Shower

Since three exists as the perfect number, I have used it's dividing properties to segment the solution's overview into digestible parts:

  1. Create a System to Govern Narrative
  2. Blend the Narrative System and the Game System in a Meaningful Way
  3. Define and Represent the Narrative System with Proper Writing and Audio-visuals

Each of these must come into being excellently and holistically in order for the problem to be solved in the game. Success in one area does not lead to a total solution. This means that a project would require the programmers, the designers, the writers, and the artists to all collaborate in contributing what they can to the whole. For most big studios, depending on how they are governed, this is probably a quite challenging route to take. It will probably take examples or archetypes of how this is done, provided by small developers, to give the bigger guys the template they need to all follow in order for big budget games to see leaps in solving the ludo-narrative problem. Or something, who knows.

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