Monday, May 30, 2011

Establishing Overall Goals for the Player

It was in my previous post that I mentioned that the structure of "Aldea Lenta" is focused upon giving the player a list of tasks which they can go out and accomplish in any order that they so please. Today I sat down and started to list out what each of these tasks are. To my surprise, this was a lot more challenging than I had initially expected. I should have known better, but that is alright, I am doing this to learn.

In order to evenly distribute the tasks throughout the game world I split the current design of the galactic shipyard into ten distinctly seperate parts. In each of these sections I designated an "overworld" task that the player had to solve and a "hall" task that was found within what could be considered the game's dungeons. Two of the overworld tasks are the introduction and the conclusion to the game.

The experience of conjuring up problems to be solved in a science fiction universe is quite entertaining and I can now see why there are such terrible explanations for many of the things found in these types of narratives. Science is hard stuff. It is even harder to properly integrate into a story or game in a way that both creates a sense of reality and adds entertainment value. It is easy for these two qualities to come into conflict with each other, so it is necessary to put lots of thought into how the systems represented by one's game are presented.

Tomorrow I will have access to my computer again, so actual work can resume. Plans are to start adding gameplay elements so that I can have a prototype as soon as possible. I also want to get the title screen out of the way; we will see if that happens or not. It does not need to be done till the end of development, but it would be nice to get it out of the way. I am starting to worry a tad bit about my impatience, but I should be fine...

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