Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Changes of Thought with a Little Bit of Flash

Stuff is changing quickly as time seems to roll along faster and faster. First, I would like to present some more progress on "Aldea Lenta" in the form of a small little image.

This is a little segment of the main title background, showing off the location of the game, "Shipyard 31."

Now I have previously stated that I was going to be using Game Maker as the engine for the game. This might change. It is very likely. I have been looking into some other avenues of distribution that I believe could bring the game to a larger audience. I am looking into Flash.

I have always had a sort of distaste for Flash games. They had always felt cheap. Many of the games I had seen in the past used foul or cliche content to rack up the amount of players and consequentially, the money made on advertising. Let me point out quickly that the decision is NOT a financial one; I have no need for money at this moment and the small wages provided by Flash game development do not really interest me. What does interest me are the multitudes of game portals willing to freely host my game online. This provides me with a large audience that can gain quick, easy access to my games. No download, no hassle. I know that YoYo Games offers a "Quick Play" feature and I have had interest in this, but I do not want to be limited to only their website.

This is nothing definitive of course. I know only the basics of Flash development and I have just started to check out potential game libraries such as Flixel and Flash Punk. From what I can tell so far both of these are great for those who are interested in making Flash games.

Finally, I have been thinking long and hard about what to do regarding some of the mechanics I had planned for "Aldea Lenta." There might be some big changes to what the game is. If I do decide to venture into the realm of Flash game development, I will put "Aldea Lenta" on hold and instead focus on creating a few smaller games to get a grasp of the technology.

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