Monday, June 6, 2011

Camp and E3, How Exciting I Suppose

Well, I must say this camp at Arizona State University is going to be interesting. Great location and a great teacher, Flashbang's Ben Ruiz. Totally chill dude, I can tell that he has a passion for what he does and has some great insights regarding development. I do not have much more to say right now since nothing really happened, but I am hoping that once the class picks up a little more energy things can become fun. If anything I will be able to gain a better grasp of UDK which is continues to surprise me with its easy of use yet powerful results

Oh, yeah, and E3. Well, day zero of E3. Four press conferences today, the schedule changed a little this year with Nintendo apparently being the only company with a Tuesday conference. I was not able to sit down and what the conferences live (and honestly, I just do not care any more), but of course I caught up a bit afterwards. Unless Nintendo decides to drop a bunch of crazy megatons, which I am pretty sure is not happening (there will be Cafe, but I predict it will be tainted with Nintendo's, well, Nintendoness in some way), I was right to not get to hyped up for this year's E3. There was almost nothing new. And honestly, I probably will not hop onto the E3 hype train again unless I go to the show in person. This my fifth year following the event and like with any good TV series I have figured out the formula: awkward talks by executives, "gameplay" demos composed mostly of mass-the-button quick time events, some prices, some development studio names splashed on the wall, and a bunch of ridiculous motion control presentations that lend themselves particularly well to becoming GIFs.

Yep, Gears of War. Yep, waggle motion games for kids. Yep, Halo. Yep, Uncharted. Yep, Mass Effect. Yep. I will say that I am interested in Nadeo's "Mania Planet" and the tech Sony is packing into the "PS Vita" is an incredible deal considering the $249.99 starting price. Definitely a lesson learned from the legendary "699.99 US dollars." In fact, that was probably the only real surprise of the event so far and it really has nothing to do with gameplay or innovation. Though, let me say that I am not trying to sound to whiny or cynical; I know I am looking in the wrong place for those things and I do enjoy the spectacle of E3.

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