Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sticking with Game Maker and Brainstorming Inspired Ideas

Short post for today, for I have very little time.
I have made the decision to stick with Game Maker for the time being. My goal is to make a game, not to gain a large user base (regardless of how nice that would be), and Game Maker makes this as easy and quick as possible. At the end of the project I might want to port "Aldea Lenta" to another engine or write it up in a different language, but with Game Maker I can actually focus on making the game rather than teaching myself a whole new tool set and language (which is what Flash would require).

Yesterday I spent some time implementing the new concepts I had introduced into the "Aldea Lenta" code; basically, the sliding tiles are completely functional and all but a few bugs have been dealt with. So far I am really enjoying how the game is starting to feel; with polish it could be really smooth to play. The decision to make the game primarily a puzzler seems to be the right one; I am now having no trouble imagining what new mechanics and gameplay situations I could potential write into the game.

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