Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plans for the Next Mechanic and a Brief Update to the Blog's Structure

Today I only got around to doing some sprite work on a new gameplay element that I hope to implement into the engine in some capacity tomorrow. Basically it consists of the player using zero-point energy to place and organize tiles in order to fix broken pieces of the environment and reconfigure particular structures. This is not going to be a physics based mechanic; like the rest of the game it uses grid-based logic. This is the shortest post I have ever written in my vast history of 11 posts and it might start a trend of posts that simply state the things I have accomplished in a day. These could work as filler; still keeping myself accountable to my projects on a day by day basis but also allowing myself to take a little bit of a breather when I simply have no thoughts to share. Hopefully this format change will increase my steadily decreasing sanity!

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