Sunday, June 12, 2011

Programming Problems, New Tiles, and More Regarding the Title

I am running into some frustrating issues with coding the place tiles and I am going to give myself some time to think about how to implement them in an effective and non-tedious way. I have gotten these new ones I have added to work partially, but there are just some problems that stand in my way that will need to be solved.

Despite this little roadblock, I spent a decent amount of time working on the tileset for the outside of the shipyard. I like where I am going with it. It still needs some more details and I will add those when they become necessary to include. Below is a image showing an example of these new tiles:

Regarding the title of the game; I have put some more thought into the options I am looking at and I am starting to narrow things down. I want a name that is simple and descriptive, explaining both the world the player inhabits and the things the player does. I just really want to get rid of the code name "Aldea Lenta." It is driving ever so slowly into insanity.

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