Monday, June 20, 2011

The Contributions of Details Towards Cohesion

Sometimes I spend my time doing things that I probably should not be focusing on. I have been working on the title scene of the game and its title logo for duration of today, two things that are usually handled at the end of a project. However, I felt like doing this and I was inspired, so I do not feel too terrible about indulging myself. It does help to further establish the visual style of the game (again, this should not be done at the beginning of the process, but whatever). The thing I am really looking for in Reconstructing S31 is a cohesive experience and so while my thoughts are dedicated to how the gameplay will operate, I feel that working on these details as well can help me to establish that cohesion as soon as possible in the development process.

Anyways, enough babbling here is the result of my recent efforts:

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