Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reconstructing S31 and the Things Really Begin

First, the title; Reconstructing S31. Based on the criteria I set for myself, which was to describe what the player does and in what context they do it, this is a very perfect fit. The game takes place within the confines of a deep space facility called Shipyard 31, or S31 for short. It is here where a sophisticated system of machines and AI's construct large freighter ships that are sent out throughout the galaxy to carry and deliver large amounts of materials. However, after 700 years of operation, S31 has fallen into bad shape and it is up to the player, an "Emergency Revaluation and Reconstruction AI Construct,"  to return it to full, operating status. Much of the puzzle gameplay revolves around mechanics that have the player rebuilding or resynchronizing the nonfunctional remains of S31.

In order to further limit myself, I will be starting to layout everything that happens in the game. While of course I need to mind that in regards to plans somethings are just going to have to change, I still need to have some basic structure and goal to aim for. Basically, I want to lay out how everything in the game fits together; the gameplay, the sound, the music, the graphics, and the "narrative." This allows me to aim for cohesion and intention. I appreciate the many approaches to creating games, both those that rely on planning ahead and those that rely on improvisation. For this project, I am going with the first of this two as my solution for the bulk of development, even though in the beginning when I was building all of my base code I was basically improvising the whole thing.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out; I am looking forward to crashing and savoring the burn!

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