Friday, June 17, 2011

The Inevitable, The Future, and The Beauty of UDK

It is official; I made it through 23 daily posts until I ran into my first missed day. This is not something I will encourage myself to do often since the whole purpose of me writing this blog is to simply keep myself accountable. It helps me to be always thinking and always improving. With my thoughts written and displayed to the public I am bound more to what I intend to do; before I started doing this I struggled to come remotely close to finishing any of my projects. Why? I had no one to answer to but my mind. Obviously, this does not usually work very well.

So I missed out on blogging not due to laziness (surprising actually), but I was out at camp and then spent time afterwards with friends. Getting back late at night, my tired soul forgot that there was a blog to write for. Oops.

Nothing to report yet on Reconstructing S31, except that my thoughts are turning towards concepts for sequels. This is beyond dangerous and must be stopped. This weekend presents time for me to start drafting the game, from beginning to end. All the puzzles, story beats, environments etc.

Finally, I have finished my time at the video game design camp I was attending and coming back I must say UDK is hot. Really hot. It is an incredible engine, especially for the level designer, and I hope I will be able to have more opportunities to work with it in the future. Here are a few more screenshots of the three other maps I made during the duration of the course:

And so, full-time work on Reconstructing S31 beginnings again...

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