Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tedious Work With Rooms and Moody Backgrounds

Half of the process of creating a game is the busy work. Whether it is tediously shading of complex animated sprites or transferring certain files into another format, there can be aspects to game creation that are not so fun. Today I created each of the rooms for the game in Game Maker, setting the correct values for each and fixing some issues that arose regarding properly displaying the smaller rooms. While there are many tools out there that are built to make hard and long tasks easier, sometimes the effort spent building the proper tool does not make up for the time spent on the task.

I also got around to working more on the sky background. There is only one sky seen throughout the entire game, so I have been putting effort into making it really great and effective. When making a background, the designer needs to distinguish it from the foreground and gameplay elements visually. I have been doing this by drawing the background with cool, mellow colors and not adding in shading and details. With the background the power should be found in the silhouettes and the colors, each helping to establish a mood and tone. While what I have right now is not quite what I want, I am definitely closer than I was with my last revision. Originally I was using a bright orange and red color palette to depict a thick atmosphere of a gas planet, but now I have shifted towards a reserved grayish blue coupled with a calm peach color. This reflects the dormancy of S31 in a way that the bright, cheerful colors never could.

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