Sunday, June 5, 2011

Place Tiles and the Next Two Weeks

I am going to introduce the second tile element that will be found in "Aldea Lenta," a type of block I am currently calling the "place tile." These tiles are quite different than the slide tiles I had shown earlier. With place tiles, the player clicks on a tile to pick it up and then clicks on an acceptable placing spot to drop it. If another tile already exists in that spot, the player essentially swaps the two. I have working code for this element from another experimental project that I will need to implement into the "Aldea Lenta" engine soon.

The puzzles involving place tiles usually involve creating seamless chains of pipes or other patterns. While the illustration below does not show an actually puzzle (in fact, the arbitrary selection of pieces makes the puzzle unsolvable), it does provide a look into what place tile structures might look like.

For the upcoming two weeks I am going to be attending a game development center camp at Arizona State University and so, work on "Aldea Lenta" will experience a brief break. This means that for this time I will most likely be writing about other things; depending on how interesting the camp is I might comment on it from time to time (basically, I am going to improve my working knowledge of UDK and to give myself something to do during the slow summer days) or I will talk about games in general (E3 is next week, so I am bound to have something interesting to write about).

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