Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UDK is Pretty Neat, What is This I Do Not Even, and E3 Day One

Two days in and I already am starting to get a good grasp on how to utilize UDK. There are actually a lot of similarities between decorating in UDK and decorating in Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island, an indie title I did some level design work for around three years ago. The tone of the class is, shall I say "relaxed." I am all cool with this, but the next time I do something like this were I know the majority of the people involved are introverts I will do it with a friend so that I can have some back-up to get people hyped. Though for now relaxation is what I need; I will feel in the mood for energy later.

I was almost going to write about what I was going to have for lunch, but then I realized that would be the least interesting thing I could possibly talk about. Food is always the go to topic for people who awkwardly trying to make conversation. I mean, everyone eats, right? And more importantly, everyone enjoys food, correct? Unfortunately is seems as if my stream of consciousness flows exceedingly tonight; nothing I write will be correct or orderly. Definitely not poetic. Probably embarrassing.


Video games.

Okay, so E3 Day One was today. Hurrah. Hurray. Only one press conference, which was Nintendo and it was fine. Like Sony's; fine. Nothing mind-blowing, nothing spectacular. Today Nintendo unveiled their next console, the Wii-U. I keep on swearing that I will never complain about the names of products, but then they just keep on being so bad! Anyways, it was basically what all the rumors and leaks and claimed it to be. I think the idea of streaming straight from the console is actually neat and I also find the support for the old Wii controllers an interesting plan to recycle plastic. However, the controller's design looks a little uncomfortably and awkward. I am really starting to wonder why Nintendo keeps on believing that developers will find "new" and "innovative" game experiences with the usage of two screens, one a touchscreen. Let's face it; most of the games only use these features to marginally improve their control interfaces, providing a different venue for accessing maps or inventories. Which is trite.

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