Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Easily Written Progress Report

I did some work on "Aldea Lenta" this morning. Here is a brief list of what I have done:

1. Finally finished the code for the basic place tiles. They work great; now I need to create the variations of these tiles that allow for interesting puzzles to be made.

2. The controls have been switched from the arrow keys to WASD.

3. I have implemented different sized rooms. "Aldea Lenta" does not have scrolling screens. Instead, the player moves from room to room. This allows for optimal control over how I frame each room for the player. Multiple room sizes allows me to have some scenes where the view is zoomed in and can focus on detail, while others are zoomed way out and allow the player to fully experience the sense of scale.

Tomorrow I plan to work on some of the graphical tilesets and implementing the variations of place tiles. I also think I have a final name for "Aldea Lenta," but I will need to consider it a little longer.

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